Employees of Jakarta Environment Agency Obliged to Use Mass Transport or EVs Every Wednesday

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Losergeek.org.CO, Jakarta – The Jakarta Environment Agency mandated its employees to commute to work using public transportation or electric vehicles or bicycles every Wednesday in an effort to help reduce air pollution in the capital. The rule applies to all employees of the agency, the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT), and sub-departments.

“Before asking the community to change their behavior and burdening them with various obligations, it would be better to start with ourselves,” Jakarta Environment Agency head Asep Kuswanto said in a press release on Monday, August 21, 2023.

Asep stressed that the problem of air pollution in the capital and its vicinity has become a trending central issue in society. On this basis, he asked the agency’s employees to start setting an example for the community.

Additionally, the agency also required vehicles entering the office area to have passed an emissions test, which comes into effect today, August 21, 2023. Security officers would check the vehicles, both the official business vehicles and guests’ vehicles via testemisi.jakarta.go.id.

“Vehicles that do not pass the emission test will be asked to park outside the area and are advised to carry out maintenance on their vehicles,” Asep said.

He emphasized that these vehicles will be directed to carry out emission tests at the workshops of the Environment Agency or Environmental Sub-Department of each administrative city on August 21 and 22, 2023.


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